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Rapid advances in artificial intelligence, blockchain and other digital technologies are radically transforming the way businesses use design to understand and serve their customers. New digital tools enable companies to gain unprecedented knowledge of customer preferences and motivations and make it possible to fashion ever more complex products and services in shorter time and with fewer resources. And yet those same tools raise new and daunting strategic and ethical concerns. Critics fear that computers, and the corporations who run them, now know too much about human behavior. Others question whether companies can claim intellectual property rights to products that have been designed by machines that have been trained on the data from human actions and creativity. Many worry the dazzling new technologies will render designers obsolete and are creating a world in which the dominant ethos is the antithesis of good design—one that feels less user friendly, less human, less humane. Brainstorm Design will also explore the ways in which design and design thinking can contribute to challenges related to climate change and sustainability; diversity and inclusion; ethics; and more.

Brainstorm Design gathers powerful FORTUNE 500 executives and the world's preeminent designers to explore the crucial question of how to achieve business results through design. These experts share their insights and the cutting-edge design work transforming their industries. First held in 2018, Brainstorm Design has become a leading international forum at the intersection of design, business and technology. ​


Macau, China

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