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COVID-19 immunity passports are no longer just a theory— the first ones are here, more are coming, and they will likely be digital. The slowdown in global airline travel amid the COVID-19 pandemic created a $1.8 trillion hole in the world's GDP. Now, as more of the world gets vaccinated, pressure is rising for governments and businesses to recoup some of those losses and vaccine passports provide the quickest and surest way to help restart travel. But even as important questions remain in ensuring that vaccine passports are safe, do not increase social inequalities, or expose personal information, the economic benefits of creating a vaccine passport system are quickly outpacing potential shortcomings.

Europe is opening its doors this summer to vaccinated foreigners, China recently launched a COVID-19 digital health passport for its 1.4 billion citizens, and airlines in places like Hong Kong and Singapore are testing how to make a truly international digital passport system. Tune in to find out.